#6 21 things to do before your 21

21 Things to do before your 21


So my 20th birthday is creeping up on me, so goodbye teen years!
Years have started to fly by and even though I don’t want to kiss goodbye to my teenage years I do want to make a change to myself so I think making a bucket list to do before i’m 21 will give me more will power before next thing and i’ll be 30!!!!

1) Send A Message In A Bottle.
Old fashioned ? I know but maybe someone somewhere will find that message in a bottle and make them smile.

2) Cycle Millport.
I have done this before when I was younger and it was the worst few hours of my life but I achieved it and I would love to do it again! Maybe its the perfect place to send my message in the bottle as well, tick 2 off in the one day.

3) Be In A Magazine/Newspaper
Big one! It might not be a published story but I guess if I keep sending in pictures of my work (make up) to magazines maybe hopefully one of them might just print it. Normally on the front “readers pictures” page but i’m happy to settle for that just now.

4) Blog Everyday.
So this might prove to hard as I am always a little bit busy but with determination I’m sure i’ll manage after all this is my second blog post today!

5) Have A Spa Day, Or Be Pampered At Least.
This is one thing I never do, I’m always waxing my own brows, doing my own tans, nails, hair, lashes the lot!
So to be able to have someone else do it for me it would be so good! Words can’t even describe it.

6) Stop Drinking Irn Bru!!!!
Irn bru is my addiction, I did stop it the other week for 2 days almost but had a headache for the full 2 days and so now coming off it slowly is my aim. 2 cans a day I’m down to!

7) Start Driving Lessons / Pass My Theory
So I quit my driving lessons when I was an apprentice due to being mega underpaid. So I would love to start them back up.

8) Save As Much Money As Possible ££££!
I need savings to be able to do stuff so this would help.

9) Raise Money For A Charity.
Every little helps and once I have chosen a charity to heart I’m sure i’ll find something to do to help!

10) Become Better At Pole Dancing.
This was a new years resolution so sticking it out to become better at it will be fun!

11) Cut All Negative People Out Of My Life
I’m sick of having so called friends who put me down in not so much words but by what they do and when they chose to speak to me. This will make me a happier person.

12) Write Another Letter To Future Me By The End Of The Year.
I wrote a letter today to my future self and it was a lot harder than I thought so maybe in a years time maybe write another one.

13) Go A Year Without Dying My Hair.
This will prove to be hard. I’m a hair dye addict.

14) Get A Hobby?
Not got a clue. Ideas would be grateful.

15) Go Everyday To The Gym For A Month.
Hmmmm Lets see I love keeping fit and this will 100% make me feel better as I miss the after feeling of being at the gym or taking classes. But I’ll need the motivation.

16) Go To London.
I want to go to IMATS so gives me a perfect excuse to go to London and see everything. Maybe go more than once?

17) Make New Friends.
Need more positive people in my life what better way than to make new friends?

18)  Visit Edinburgh.
Its mad to think I live 1hour away from Edinburgh but have only ever been once and that was to the ZOO then straight back again so would love to go!

19) See The Nothern Lights
This seems a little bit impossible? but its worth a try. I do live in Scotland after all.

20) Make A Difference.
Don’t quite know what I mean but i’ll find something.

21) Do Yourself Proud.
After all, as long as I’m happy and made good choices wither its for the good or bad i’ll be proud either way.


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